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How to Tap into The Power of Social Media Icons (And Free 31 Social Media Icon Sets for You)

Why read about social media icons?

Social media is a powerful force on the web today.

For example, Facebook and Twitter have become one of the first places consumers go to ask businesses support-related questions.

Walmart uses Facebook for customer service.


How they answer customers’ questions on Facebook will have a positive impression on any prospect.

Here’s JetBlue using Twitter to respond to a customer who’s angry with his flight delay.


These brands know the importance of social media marketing.

Before prospects and customers can start engaging and mentioning your brand on social media, they need to know that your business exists there.

How do you make them aware of your company’s presence on social media?


Every business should have social media icons on its site.

Here’s a screenshot of social media icons on the site of MedCognition, a startup that creates patient simulation software for pre-hospital providers.

It’s surprising that digital marketers rarely talk about social media icons. Social media users follow you when they see the icons on your site.

When potential customers visit your site, and they see the icon of their favorite social platform, they’ll be happy to follow you.

So, how do you begin using social media icons on your site to make people follow your brand on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram?

Your website is a golden place you should be asking people to follow your company on social.

You’re missing out on a big opportunity to build your social following if you’re not getting visitors to become fans on social media.

With a tool like GrowthFunnel, you can collect visitor’s emails when they land on your site.

On their subsequent visits, you can ask them to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even Pinterest. There’s no limit to what you can do with GrowthFunnel. Sign up for free here.

Offer visitors something in return for becoming a fan on social media platforms.

That’s not all.

Don’t put any random social media icon and expect people to follow you. They won’t.

The icon you use to ask visitors to become your fans is important too. It could contribute positively or negatively to your following numbers.

There are amazing resources out there that offer attractive icons that capture visitors’ attention.

This article provides you with these resources.

1. Iconfinder

Iconfinder is built in Copenhagen, Denmark by a talented group of people who live and breathe icons.


Their goal?

To build the world’s most popular icon site.

They sell both free and premium icons on the site. Their free icons are what you need. They’re enough to get more people to follow your brand on social media.

Check out these icons here.

2. Flaticon

Flaticon is a platform where icon designers sell their work.

It touts itself as the largest database of free icons available in PNG, SVG, EPS, and PSD. Currently, the site has 747,000 vector icons grouped in 14,301 packs.

Flaticon offers a group pack of social media logos containing 48 icons.


The icon search engine is being built by over 100 people with offices in Málaga, southern Spain. They’ve received over 4 million visits since their inception in 2013.

Check out these icons here.

3. Freepik

Freepik is one of my favorite sites to get free social media icons.


Companies like Adobe, Google, Optimizely, Speckyboy and Smashing Magazine use Freepik.

Their icons are made with great care and passion for quality.

Check out these icons here.

4. Vecteezy

Vecteezy is a large vector graphics community with creations from various artists around the world.

Most of their files are free to download and use.

They’ve got some of the coolest social media icons on the web.


Check out these icons here.

5. Carrie Loves

Carrie Koehmstedt is the owner and designer at Carrie Loves Design Studio.

She’s been blogging since 2006 and really enjoying web developing and designing.

Carrie made 30 social media icons and gave them away all free.

These icons are constantly being updated by Carrie.

Check out these icons here.

6. Animated Flat Icons

Dani Perez, Senior Visual Designer, who has accrued over 27,000 views on and had worked with renown brands like NBC Universal and Sony, created Flat Icons and released them for free.

Dani’s social media icons are pretty cool.


Check out these icons here.

7. Icon8

Icon8 has more than 65,000 icons in its directory.

Their social media icons are appealing. They also create icons specific to iPhones, Windows, Mac and Android devices.


Check out these icons here.

8. Sendible Social Media Icons

Sendible is a company that sells a social media management tool. They created one of the best social media icons and gave them away.

They have icons for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, etc.


Their icons have default colors that come with them. The great thing is that you can also set your colors for your chosen icons.

Check out these icons here.

9. POWr

POWr is a web development company based in Sans Francisco.

They created the POWr editor, a tool marketers use to create social media icons for their sites.

The tool lets you create icons that are unique. You don’t need help with using POWr.


Check out these icons here.

10. Noun Project

The Noun Project is one of the most popular icon sites out there.

They are a startup dedicated to making icons. Nothing else.

You’ll find some cool social media icons for free on the site.


You can download them to use on your site.

Check out these icons here.

11. Iconmonstr

Iconmonstr is one of my favorite sites for finding social media icons. Their web design is pretty cool and makes it easy for anyone to find icons.

For example, below are some nice Facebook icons.


As you can see, these icons have received some praise from great people. The first icon has over 140k likes on the site.

Alexander Kahlkopf, a senior designer from Germany with over 15 years of professional experience in icon design manages the site.

Check out these icons here.

12. Simple Flat Social Media Icons

GraphicsFuel offers royalty-free social media icons for personal and commercial use. They are all in PSD and PNG formats.


Their icons are elegant, highly-suited for iPhones and other mobile devices. You can edit these icons to fit your needs.

Check out these icons here.

13. Nucleo – Free Social Icons

This is a pack of 40 social media icons x3 styles by Sebastiano Guerriero, a London-based designer and co-founder of Nucleoapp, a beautiful library of 23,741 icons.


Check out these icons here.

14. Free Triangle Vector

If you’re a fan of triangle shapes, Vector4Free has a pack that contains 20 social media icons.


Check out these icons here.

15. Free circle icons

Michal Kulesza is a designer living in Poland, who has created some amazing circle social media icons.

The pack itself contains free icons for different programs and some social media platforms. The pack also comes in three options: color, black and black icons without circles.


Check out these icons here.

16. Advanced Flat Social Media Icons

Ess Kay is the mind behind Unicon Stock, an online magazine for designers.

He created a pack of 40 advanced flat social media icons and gave them away for free.


These icons would give any a website professional and unique look. You can use them on both light and dark background.

They are available in Ai (vector file) and PNG.

Check out these icons here.

17. General Flat Social Icons

If you want social media icons that look completely flat on your site, you may want to use General Flat Social Icons by Printkeg.


It’s easy to mix and match the icons’ backgrounds with your site.

Check out these icons here.

18. Ultra-thin Social Media Icons

If you want your site’s social icons to be extremely thin and look attractive at the same time, Ultra-thin social media icons are the perfect options for you.


The icons come in Photoshop and vector .ai, .eps, and .svg formats.

Check out these icons here.

19. Sketch Vector Stamp Icons Set

These icons look like a quick sketch, but they are stunningly pretty. They are icons for 20 most popular social media platforms.


Check out these icons here.

20. Grunge Flat Social Icons

These are another set of unique social icons from Printkeg. No matter how much extra editing you put into them, their colors and quality are preserved.


Check out these icons here.

21. Publicons

Publicons are open-source platform icons by Joshua Sortino, a VP of design, and startup advisor based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

These are different icons compared to the ones you’ve seen so far on this page.

Why am I sharing them with you?

If you want more engagement on Tumblr and WordPress, you may consider using them on your site.


Check out these icons here.

22. Premium Flat Social Icons

This pack comes with 40 circle social icons and 40 rounded corner social icons. They are 100% resizable vector shapes, and they don’t lose their attractiveness.


Check out these icons here.

23. Flat Social Media Icons

This is a huge pack. You’ll find seven different style vectors in PSD and SVG.

You can edit the icons to suit your brand with a single click.


Check out these icons here.

24. Socialico Social Media Icons Font Pack

This social media icon pack was created by Jelio Dimitrov, a highly respected and popular designer in the Behance community.


Check out these icons here.

25. Vector Social Icons

One of my favorite social media vector icons.

The pack contains 810 icons with different style sets namely, rounded, polygon, rounded corners, waterdrop, leaf, rectangular, flower, grey and glossy.


Check out these icons here.

26. Designmodo Flat Social Media Icons

Flat Social Media Icons is a collection of beautiful icons developed in flat style by Designmodo.

They decided to create the style because of the issues they had with several UI kits when designing in flat styles. Their flat social media icons are free.

The pack has 35 icons in PNG and PSD formats.


Check out these icons here.

27. Adobe Muse Icons

Adobe Muse Themes & Widgets is a web designing company that sells free and premium themes. They created Adobe Muse Icons for their themes and made it available to anyone who may also want to use them.

Their themes have been downloaded over 2 million times, so you can be sure that their icons are high-quality.

Their icons have that unique feel and look simple at the same time.


Check out these icons here.

28. Christophe Kerebel’s Social Flat Icons Set

Christophe Kerebel, a product designer based in Paris, France created his own social flat icons to use in his projects. His social icons are flat but also tiny at the same time, which makes them perfect for most design projects.


Check out these icons here.

29. Social Media Icons by Dawid Dapszus

Dawid Dapszus is a product designer based in Warsaw, Poland.

He created a pack of 20 nice social media designs and gave it away to the Dribble community. Well, anyone can use his pretty icons.


Check out these icons here.

30. Social Media Badges

If you want your social media sharing buttons to look like badges, then I suggest you use Denis Shepovalov’s social media badges pack.

Denis is a respected designer and founder of Craftwork, a design and development agency based in Saint Petersburg, Russia.


Check out these icons here.

31. Vector Christmas Social Media Icons

This social media icon pack is the most unique of all.

It’s perfect for use during Christmas period. The idea is to get your audience in sharing mood when they see the social media icon on your site.


Check out these icons here.


You only have to use one pack out of all the packs provided on this page. Don’t combine two packs on your website as they’ll look flawed.

Using a pack for one site at a time makes the transition between social media icons seamless.

Every size of business and startup should use social media icons on their website. It is very important to increase your social media presence and create a concrete strategy. Here’s a complete beginner’s guide on creating a social media strategy that works

It’s worth reminding you that you need OmniKick to boost your brand’s presence on social media further.

When you combine OmniKick with one of the great social media icons like the ones provided on this page, people will start sharing your content on social media. That will only lead to more sales.

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