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How to Build a Killer Email Marketing List From Scratch – Top Hacks

Building a substantial email marketing list is the most crucial part of the game now.

You must send email to real people rather than to a bunch of email address you don’t have any idea if they exist.

After the evolution of automation, the idea surrounding email marketing has changed.

When some people believe this tremendous marketing channel has had its days, statistics show the different results.

With time, email marketing’s importance is still growing in the sect of user engagement, customer retention, even beyond that.

Top B2B marketers around the world believe email is the third most influential source of information among the subscribers.

73% millennials identify email marketing as their preferred channel for business communication.

This post will provide you an idea on how to build an effective email list. The tips I’m going to put ahead may help you to create a killer email marketing list from scratch.

Let’s dive in.

Are You Upgrading Your Content?

You should deliver something more what attracts users; they find your site valuable. It is your website’s content that helps most.

It’s a hook, people love to get information from your emails, and you can help them learn about your business and industries through quality blog posts and articles.

What should you do at the first place with content?

Write an article with utmost quality.

It must have the potentials to connect users and help them.

In exchange of peoples email address, offer them premium content.

Isn’t it sound reasonable?

Take a look into this example from Paris Review Redux campaign.

It’s all about literature and art, but can be a great example of how to connect people with interactive content from email marketing.

You should research more about content upgrading. Remember one thing, content that matters act like a real deal to get people in your list with a happy face.

Are You Wise Enough to Utilize the Power of Social Media?

It may confuse you. Adding social media icons to your email campaign.

How is this going to create your email list? That’s a question you are searching answers.

While an email with too much link can be a demotivator, people don’t like emails that contains a too much clickable link.

In such cases, without reading your content, why a customer wants to share your content via social media sharing button?  

Well, if you send some content that matters (we have mentioned this earlier step), they will love to share it.

Also, you can connect your potential subscribers with your social media account to connect them more profoundly.

So, if you think, it’s going to hurt your success, that’s not the case actually.

Sharing social media icon in your email let your users share your content through their activities among various platforms.

According to GetResponse, emails with social media sharing options increase your CTR 6.2% more than the average 2.4% who don’t use them.

Even, if your user doesn’t start to read your content instantly, they can feel intrigued by your social media sharing button. Have you something more generous in mind?

You Need to Find a Suitable Email Marketing Platform

A few years back, people started to think is it possible for email marketing to sustain among the wake of marketing automation?  

The popularity of push notifications, cloud messaging, and any automation tools generating profitable engagement results for the marketers.

Then why should they depend on a primitive channel like email marketing?

Beyond any doubt, it was necessary to adapt with time. As email remains one of the powerful user engagement tools, there was no way it could spare the chances to get along with automation.

So, most of the top email marketing platform become more potent with marketing automation support which allows them to send a trigger-based email campaign, time-sensitive email, help marketers to arrange a more sophisticated and strategic email campaign.

Without creating a list, email can’t get you anywhere. And, today, you need to build your email marketing list with real and industry relevant people.

With email automation, it will be way easier to generate a robust list from scratch.

The email platform what suits you most, also deliver suggestions and essential tips on how to build an email marketing list that suffices.

To find the best email marketing companies, you can read our detailed post here.

Create a Great Opt-in Landing Page

After you choose an email marketing platform, the next move should be building a landing page that sticks.

It’s crucial, because, your customer’s first interaction takes place with the landing page.

It should be relatable and relevant. Share an insight at the glance of your website and activities.

And, yes, it must generate interest among the visitors to opt-in for your emails and become your subscribers.

Creating a great landing page that converts people to your customer sounds an easy game, but believe me, it’s one of the hard nuts to crack.

The job is hard not because it is hard, it’s difficult to focus, and most people underestimate the very importance of it which is the problem.

Less than 52% of companies often rethink about their landing page and end up generating sound conversions out of it.

It’s necessary to put some words that hook visitors in the first place in your landing page opt-in.

Almost 75% of business doesn’t accumulate expertise required to optimize their landing page copy.

Also, most of the work lies in the design.

You should design and put things arrange strategically in your landing page opt-in so it can attract and help people getting into your email marketing list.

So, you must give more time to design your landing page opt-in, taking help from your email marketing platform, usually from the industry experts.

Customer Segmentation – It’s an obvious

You should reach to the right people with the right offers. That helps you to create value.

All of your customers aren’t want the same things, their personality differs, so the choices. If you are running an eCommerce shop, you have plenty of varieties of product.

Or do you have an online news portal or content driven website? You must send content updates with their likeability based on your reader’s preferences.

Segmentation means you make a different list with the different types of customers. It will help you to become more personal, and people like to get their choices to maintain.

And, how vital the segmentation is?

According to DMA, segmented and targeted email can generate 58% of the total revenue of a company.

77% of ROI comes from segmented, triggered, and targeted emails.

There are some ways to create a segmented email list. For example-

You can get help from your welcome email. Ask about their choices. Like ‘what makes your experience better with us’  or what do you like to get in future, what are your preferences’ types.

Send them emails to complete their profile, which must let them update their desired topics.

You can always use the previous purchase information of the customers to understand what kind of products update or topics they may love to get.

If you designed your landing page opt-in cleverly, this isn’t a tough thing to identify different types of customer and go with varying approaches for them.  

Be Reasonable to Drive Your Traffic

People all over the world received 281 billion emails every day in 2018. And, the number is increasing.

How can you make a difference among the sea of this emails?

Only sending emails isn’t enough ever. You should pitch something that not only adds value but also deliver some incentives that stick to the wall.

Let me explain.

You offer good content which is a great hook in exchange of email address. But everyone trying to do the same. Don’t you think you should provide some more reason that makes people opt-in to your email marketing list?

It’s reasonable to offer a special price, limited time price drop, and promotional offer through your landing page opt-in.

Monetary offers can easily arouse a user’s intention to get along with you.

If your service and product are well enough, these types of marketing approach prolong your goodwill, reach to more people, and your email list may shine with enthusiastic subscribers.

49% of customers think they are getting too many emails.

This too much makes them a step away from you.

But if you make your strategy different and reach with a significant voice, you are going to step into their little list of interest. 

Are You Encouraging Your Subscribers to Spread Your Words?

Words of mouth is a thing. People love reviews, and most especially, they depend upon their friends and family before making a product decision.

9o% of people trust people they know before buying a product or opt-in for something.

Not like that everyone in our surroundings gets a lot of industry expertise.

But we are all customers from different products and perspectives.

When you want a visitor to opt-in for your email campaign, you need to help him with your content and concern. That will make him think favorable towards your business.

Consider the last steps; you offer reasons to people for your website and products. Incentives, offers, and commissions increase your chances to initiates referral.

It’s so probable that people also want to share your email, forward it to their friends and family if it is well enough to add monetary value to their life.

74% of customers believe ‘word-of-mouth’ is a key influencer while making purchasing decisions.

So, you follow the strategy to influence your subscribers to share your offers. Also, you can also add a marketing pitch with every email sent focusing this matter. Sometimes it is also helpful to initiates customer referral points to get to the core of it.

Create and Share Webinars – It’s a Great Way to Make Your Email Marketing List Stronger

We are living in the age of visual storytelling.

Videos are the trend, people love to watch video not only for entertainment today.

They watch a video to learn something. They watch a video to understand anything.

By 2020, online videos will occupy 80% of all consumers internet traffic.

It’s no more of a strange prediction today.

People will watch 500 million hours videos on YouTube in a week.

We are already living in a time where a 1 minute of video is getting an upper hand than 1.8 million words.

This sounds crazy, but you can’t deny.

It’s a wise and contemporary idea to create webinars and upload them in your site, in YouTube, DailyMotion, and wherever you need to upload.

Introduce yourself and your business via webinar make your appearance more connecting among your potential customers.

What to do in the first place?

Create a webinar.

  • Upload it to various video sharing sites.
  • Try to help people with your webinar.
  • Ask them to subscribe for more videos and quality contents.

73% of industry leaders said that Webinar is the best way to capture quality leads at ease.

Keep Checking Up Your List and Make it Bigger

There’s no limit. The more you engage with people, the more increases the prosperity.

Don’t ever hesitate to keep adding more subscribers. You are not following any generic path rather than a scientific way, so theirs no need to be worry.

While your intention is to help more people, and not building a crowd around your business, you get always right about spreading your support to a larger audience and thinking beyond conventional.

This way, you may end up spending much on higher plans of the best email marketing companies, but if you are with a suitable one, every penny well worth that investment.

Also, keep checking up your list. Add relevant people and real people. Playing a random game isn’t the way anymore. You must understand your customers, and following their intentions and demand, need change your gameplan.

After all, you promise to add value while getting a subscriber into your email list. Remember, an email full of strong soccer insights never going to help a kickboxer, right?

It’s not a tough job to be relevant, it’s hard to remember and be careful.


Now that you know all the steps, we believe you are ready to move on. Building an email marketing list that suffices.

Sending emails to people you don’t know not going to help. Try to learn about your customer.

Try to solve their problem, aid them with your experience, convince them that if opt-in, it will get them to a level they love to step on.

Email marketing is something more than selling your products and promote your business, it’s also a tool that connects people, enhances social awareness, and gaining trust.

Are you going to making your first email list? Or you already have one, and want to renovate it?



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