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11 Best Email Marketing Companies For Your Business Growth in 2019

Do you want to make your email marketing campaign more fruitful? There are hundreds of email marketing companies want to help you in the go.  

The game of email marketing is changing. Features like automation and drip opt-in have evolved magnificently. 

You can now send time-sensitive, strategic marketing email to your potential customers. A more effective way in term of conversions.

If you are searching for the best email marketing companies, this post is for you.

Best ones deliver reasonable aid to your business growth undoubtedly. And, there is no way you must learn about them.

Let’s take a tour into our handpicked list.


Active Campaign

Active Campaign is ever ready to provide you with any types of marketing automation service. It comes with powerful email marketing solutions for small to large companies.

It’s not that this company is always at the top in the market. If we looked back five years ago, Active Campaign was an above average email marketing platform.

But right now, we find it as one of the leading email marketing companies in the industry.

You can take a look into their features. Active Campaign can help you with their-

– Broadcast Emails

– Triggered emails

– Targeted Emails

– Email autoresponders

– Email funnels

– Scheduled Emails

After you subscribe for a premium plan, Active Campaign offers unique subscription forms, Email segmentation, dynamic content and split testing for more improvement.

Comparing the price, it’s pretty reasonable. Let’s check the pricing list.

You can initially start with the Lite plan which we recommend highly. Hopefully, this may work for you, and you can make a step forward to Plus, the best among all the plans.  



More or less 48000 small business are using HubSpot right now. And, it’s among the very first in the market. In 2004, HubSpot was the first email marketing companies that went public.

Not only email marketing automation, but HubSpot also covers almost every aspect of digital marketing.

The term ‘inbound marketing’ has been flourishing with this versatile email marketing platform. Let’s see what’s right and what’s wrong with it.

What makes this email marketing platform, so unique and industry leading?

It does come with a complex array of different automation service. You can find almost every type of marketing automation services in HubSpot.

Email marketing automation is the key here though. You can also get all-in-one CRM, content management system, and landing page building solution at a time.

HubSpot offers different pricing plans. And, at first, it looks simple.

We believe, the main problem starts with the pricing.

In the beginning what seems simple is getting more complex, and cost you more dime eventually by yearly basis.

HubSpot is a big solution for small business around the world; it wants to achieve more significant.

So, it’s not always easy. End up a result that not entirely satisfying.

Let’s see their pricing chart.

You can start from free for a trial basis, and become one of their trusted customers.

Despite the mixed results it produces, HubSpot remains popular. Why? You can check out directly for more assistance.



Are you searching for a reasonable email marketing company at a pretty affordable price?

You can consider SendPulse then. The most exciting thing it offers is the price option. You can break a real deal here.

Depending on your needs, how many emails you want to send based on your opt-in list, you can tailor your plan.

It’s possible for you to start SendPulse for free up to 2.5k emails, and then if it suffices, there’s a lot of slots open to going up to half a million potential customers.

So, yes, this platform is a perfect choice for small to medium business.

You can check the top features this email marketing platform offers.

  • Convenient email editor
  • Email automation with integrated features like Automation 360.  

It will help you to create an innovative email marketing campaign which will add up to your success ratio higher.



MailChimp started their journey in the early years of this millenium.

Let’s think about a bit these questions, and get the answers to yourself.

Do you want to create a successful email campaign?

Do you want to initiate a creative email marketing pattern that helps you to achieve your marketing goal?

Are you thinking about managing your automated email marketing plans?

Do you want to spend reasonable money to get a pro level email service?

If the answer is yes, definitely you can try mailchimp.

Let’s make your decision by comparing the pros and cons.


MailChimp is integrated with geo tracking, social media, and Google analytics.

Free plans allow you to use almost every major features they offer.

MailChimp editor is simple but unique, it is one of the best in the market.


Pricing of the premium plan is complicated. At first, it seems reasonable. But more your email amount increase, the price will take a weird shape.

MailChimp focuses more on building an attractive email campaign for you. So, the focus is little on automation. It’s not so advance in automation.  



Benchmark is a powerful newsletter builder. It’s a drag and drop email marketing tool. And so easy to maintain, and overall control is also flexible.

Benchmark is working in more than 15 countries right now. Which ensures it’s worldwide popularity.

What are the core features?

Benchmark is designed to make you an email marketing pro. They help you to build, design, planning, and executing your successful email marketing campaign.

For example, you send a welcome email to your subscriber, then convert your leads, get purchase information.

This email marketing platform works well for medium to a bigger enterprise. Also, a small business can get help from Benchmark’s freemium plans.

Let’s see what the most favorable site of this email marketing company is.

Easy editor: You will get all the necessary tool to narrate and execute your email marketing plans. Email marketing companies do offer these types of features, but most of the cases they failed to deliver the promise.

Benchmark won’t fail you at this point.

Template Choice: A wide range of email marketing template help you to flourish your email marketing campaign into a pro level.

Automation: Marketing automation is quite significant in the Benchmark.

Well, you need to know about the cons now.

Delivery Issue: The main issue that let Benchmark a bit low is the delivery rate. Most of the cases, Benchmark’s email may be flagged as spam. It’s not good news.

Pricing: You need to pay regularly, suppose $5 more each month to increase your image space. That’s not satisfactory at all. The plans are pretty high and go higher with the email numbers.



Email marketing solutions, landing page building, marketing automation, and webinars, these are the services GetResponse comes to your assistance.  

It’s an all in one digital marketing platform. GetResponse claimed themselves as the easiest newsletter solutions to your business.

Let’s see what they have in the bag following their big claim.

GetResponse has a landing page feature which is the best suit for creating newsletters. It’s so fascinating that they provide you with a creative editor with multiple layers. Besides their automation is quite a fancy.

Is it right for your email marketing campaign?

The definite kick you get from GetResponse

  • You can check your email designs possibility, either it looks like a pro campaign or looks like spam. Design and spam testing features is a cool shot you can hit the bar.
  • Landing page editor is great, we have mentioned this before.
  • Best for newsletter campaign, because it’s simple and easy, the company’s primary objective is to help you to initiates a fruitful email marketing campaign.

A little list of Cons

No significant negativity we find with GetResponse. Though, we think, the templates they offer could have been updated! Hope they will do it sooner.


Pricing is very competitive. We cannot say it is pretty reasonable rather than high in some cases. But you can tailor your pricing plan starts from 1k email for $10, and can higher as 100k for $1199 a month.



From small business, Drip can be a real deal. This email marketing company is one of the best for small business around the world.

It will help you to understand your customer and following their behavior and preferences, takes action.

The great thing goes with Drip is their email marketing automation. It is easy to use, flexible to execute email campaign plans.

Either you are a blogger, eCommerce company or digital marketer, Drip can help your way out.

What is so special with it?

The first thing comes to consideration is Drip’s multiple integrations throughout WooCommerce, Magento, 3dcarts, Justuno, Privy, Shopify, Thrivecart and many more.

These integrations help you to add more sign-ups and generate more leads, which will end-up to the possible significant conversion rate via your email marketing campaign.

The second thing is the company’s email marketing automation. It’s flexible and creative, give you more room to send time-triggered and segmented email to your potential customers.

Beside this all positivity, there is some downside.

The font option is limited with Drip editor. You cannot change the font color, highlight them, or choose your favorite font size.

When you are playing email marketing, there are always chances to your emails not opened. You need to resend them. While using Drip, it takes more time than usual to re-send these emails.



To connect your customers more with your business, you need to use such tools that do the job eliminating all the hassles. Comfort your burden of doing many things at a time.

ConvertKit has to potentials to be one of your best hands o digital marketing. They are specialized in email marketing automation.

ConvertKit is popular and influential among the email marketing companies varies from small to large enterprises.

Either you are a beginner or expert in digital marketing, you can get help at ease. This platform helps you to build newsletter and email marketing campaign that converts.

Moreover, you can get professional help before go for a paid service. Depending on your subscription list, ConvertKit let you organize your pricing plan.

What are the most remarkable features?

Well, ConvertKit is integrated with various eCommerce platform like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento, which will help you to create a robust list of leads.

They offer a comfortable and flexible automation tool which let you send scheduled email to your customers. Their template collection is pretty good.

Though pricing is a little bit high, considering the flawless aid this company provides, you will find it competitive.  


Constant Contact

With more than half a million customers all around the world, Constant Contact makes itself one of the biggest email marketing platforms today.

They started their journey in the early days of email marketing, 1995. From then, they become something they ought to be: a powerhouse of email marketing, reliable, and some features which are unbeatable.

If you are going to think big for your email marketing campaign, this email marketing platform let you grow big with their email marketing tools and additional supports.

You can control your automation tool editor, use templates, control your overall email marketing campaign with this platform.

You can utilize all of your creative direction while essaying your email marketing strategies.


Consistent delivery rate is the key things in email marketing. Constant contact gets a well enough mark considering email delivery. It’s the best thing you ever want from email marketing companies.

Features are quite satisfying. Exceptionally, event managing features make your campaign segmentation more effective.


Price is not so friendly and reasonable. It takes higher stakes to send newsletters, and their performances are low considering this pricing.

We are not saying it is not compatible in automation, but get an average score comparing other top email marketing companies.



SendX is a new email marketing platform. But it does come with a powerhouse service for beginners to pro. Recently this company gets rave reviews from G2Crowd and Capterra.

The main reason we are listing this tool is the delivery rate it provides. It has a feature which automatically re-sends emails which are not opened at the first place.

Opti-Send-technology, that’s what they name it. It’s a beneficial feature that can help to boost your opt-in rate.

Despite being a new tool in the market, this email marketing company is very compatible.

The pricing options are comparatively better if you go for a higher plan.

If you are a blogger or author of books, and content publisher SendX is very reasonable, you can purchase the entry-level package for $15 a month.

This plan is the best choice because only you get A/B testing with the other plans. Beginners package don’t let you go for it.

Template collection is up to date. They have a wide range of choices you may consider. Marketing automation is above average.

We recommend using SendX if you are a beginner level marketer or pro-level blogger.

And, yes, don’t forget the stable open rates SendX produce.


Zoho Campaign

Zoho Campaign is a popular email marketing company around the world.

It can help achieve your desired marketing goals with converting newsletters, manage your subscription list, and take your marketing automation to a higher level.

The key points that let you consider deeply about Zoho, it is built for making your email and newsletters design attractive, increase your delivery rate.

All of these activities successfully make your email marketing effective.

While researching on the topic, how marketing emails failed to bring fruits, the most crucial fact bring to light. It is the email services marked your newsletters as spam. It’s a big problem, and day by day, cut short the possibilities of this fruitful marketing channel.

Zoho Campaign helps to get rid out of it. Strategic, time-sensitive, and segmented email always helps. If you can create your email campaign with this element in full of life, they end up helping your potential customers.

Let’s talk about pricing. It has a bit of complexity. You need to make your plan, and the pricing will be depending on it. Besides, you can start with their free plan to judge their service by yourself.

You can send 12000 emails up to 2000 subscribers per month for free with Zoho Campaign.

You may find only a little off-beat with customization. Zoho has limited templates, and your editing capacity is also not so broad here.

Some Additional Commentary On Email Marketing

You can Find a lot of companies and platforms. Some are extraordinary; some are average or below average.

Our recommendation is to follow your marketing goals.

Most of the time, choosing brands by underestimating your preferences end up to wrong results.  

You should know that email marketing is 40% better at converting people.

According to Content Marketing Institute, Email marketing is the most used digital channel for lead generation (85%), sales (84%), lead nurturing (78%), and customer retention (74%).

So, you better consider all the pricing options, features, your needs, your digital marketing budget, and the size of your business.

Then the decision making won’t be a tough thing, it’s only the next step of your strategic process.


That’s all you need before you go for any email marketing companies. Have a list that helps you to make your perfect decisions.

We hope this list helps your way out. To get more insight, you can also visit one of our earlier post on this topic.

If you have something more in your mind, don’t forget to let us know.