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Push Notification Character Limit – the Ideal Length that Converts

Web push notifications do have a character limit.

If not maintained, you may often face the troubles come from it.

When exceeds the character limit, your notification sent to users may missing the titles or some parts of the message body.

You must choose your push notification copy cleverly before writing one.

Web browsers have different capabilities. So, you need to consider each one while creating push notifications.

Let’s dig a deep.

How Many Web Browsers Support Web Push Notifications?

Right now, three of the most popular browsing platform supports web push service.

They are-

  • Chrome 42+ (Desktop & Android)
  • Safari 7.1+ (Mac OS X desktop only). iOS does not currently support web push notifications.
  • Firefox 44+ Desktop & Firefox 48+ Android.

Web push notification is easily applicable to any website.

It is a highly engaging retargeting tool.

It takes a pop-up appearance across your desktop or mobile screen.

So they consume a little space simultaneously in your device, so with the character limit.

How are you going to make it concise and compelling at the same time?

Web Push Notification Character Limit – At a Glance

Why web push notifications become so popular?

It’s faster than any of your native marketing channel.

Produce more positive results than email marketing.

Compare any metrics, either open rate, CTR, or conversion possibilities.

The success depends on your capabilities of utilizing it in the right way.

Ideal length (character limit) and an attractive copy are critical here.

Take a look into the charts below.

It shows the character limit of web push notifications considering all the supportive web browser.

Web Push Notification – Some Key Points

We are going to discuss further.

Writing an excellent push notification copy is a must, you should do this job as the first step.

Keep your web push title short and provocative, utilize the message part to the maximum to let your customer convert.

Don’t forget to add any additionals if they seem to be necessary.

That is what you need, running too many tests before deploying your push notifications.

Don’t ever forget that. Each time you would go for testing, you find out the troubles from scratch to the completion process.

Push Notification Character Limit Across the Top Browsers

Chrome Push Notifications on Desktop

Google Chrome support the most complete web push notifications experience.

It is doubtlessly mobile first on a mobile screen, desktop, and any other device that uses a Chrome browser.

Web push notification can reach easily in the lock screen of Android devices, left or right corner of your user’s desktop – either the browser is open or not.

It just needs opt-in acceptance from the consumers.

Let’s take a look into Chrome’s web push notification character limit.

Title: You can use a maximum of 50 Characters. Though, it’s ideal to use fewer characters to attract your users.

Message Body: Though not specified, it should be maximum 120 characters. The best messages should need to compel below 100 characters.

Chrome Push Notifications on Android

Chrome is supported with Android; it works simultaneously with any android devices.

While crafting the push notification for Android, the ideal character limit is 20 t0 40, considering the types of screen size.

Push Notification Character Limit Considering Safari

Safari browsers only support desktop web push.

It still out of reach for iOS platform to receive a web push notification from Safari.

We hope Apple may take the initiatives soon.

Right now, Safari is compatible with 40 characters for the push notifications title.

And a maximum 100 character limit for push messages body.

Apple covers the thing with in-app push notifications.

They want users to download apps to get notified. This strategy emphasizes Apple’s core intentions on the iOS app store.

FireFox Web Push Notifications For Desktop

If we take a look in the browsers market share, once so popular FireFox now consume less than 20% in 2018. They also limited with desktop push notifications.

Which means, you can not get a web push notification if you are using FireFox. On your smartphones or tablets, anyway. 

Though, it still one of the popular browser (don’t forget the bunches of other web browsers floating around).

The maximum character limit is 30 for the title; same goes with the body.

So, FireFox’s intention is clear; they want your notification to be more precise, short.  

Final Thoughts

Character limit is essential.

To write a web push notification that converts, you must be to the point, attractive, and short.

Before you tailor your web push notifications strategy, consider all the browsers character limit, then take your decisions.

We believe you get a clear idea about this. Have something more in mind?

Let us know.