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Top 10 Reasons You Should Use Web Push Notifications in 2018

Web push notifications are changing the digital marketing game in 2018.

Though, you may not be able to understand its importance today.

If that so, you must know what differences this modern marketing tools can bring for you.

Most of the business and website are adopting push notifications. To engage and retain their customers, to gain more user interaction and traffic.

When you are thinking about if it is necessary to adopt this channel, maybe your competitors already get along and make some progress with their leads and conversion with web push.

In this post, we will show you the reasons you should implement web push notifications to your website, as soon as possible.


Your Email Marketing Campaign Can’t Produce Enough Conversions

Email Marketing is one of the most popular marketing channels once. Yes, it has its peak. And, still, your email marketing campaign can generate some significant results in some cases.

But, you always your messages to be heard by your customers. Emails won’t deliver the guarantee to be read with the fullest percentage.

That’s why the thing happens. How many times, or how creatively you may launch your email marketing campaign, frequently it couldn’t generate enough conversions.

In such situations, it’s time you must adopt push notifications.

Web push notifications deliver much assurance that you reach your customers with more conversions probability.  

Push Notification has CTR than email subscription. Check the chart below.


As you can see now, how the top 5 industries use web push notifications for a better conversion rise. Higher CTR (Click Through Rate) always increases the chance of higher converting.


Generating Leads Doesn’t Progress As You Have Expected

One of the most significant issue today is the information. People don’t want to share their info unless they think it brings some reason or values to them.

Though tech giant like Google or Facebook strengthens their path with information around the world, it is easy for them because they provide services people don’t have any intention to ignore.

While you want to sell your products, news updates, and industry wise info, it is quite competitive, and in crucial needs of enthusiasm.

It is hard to fill up a form, provides email, local address to get a subscription today. So, when you want to generate leads by offering them a subscription form or want them to put an email for you, it may not produce a fruitful result.

On the other hand, push notifications are only asking your customers to allow; your customer needs to click ‘Allow.’ That’s it. No other info or data required.

From this single action, you can send strategic web push notifications across your subscriber’s smart devices via web browsers.


You Need To Apply New Strategy To Reduce Cart Abandoning

It’s not an unusual act. People always come to your site, add something or many things in their cart, and left not converting.

Cart abandonment is normal – what we are claiming though, but we also know, it’s almost a prayer you don’t want your customer to do this.

Almost 68% of people abandon their cart. And, the success depends on how you are going to gain them back to your site and make them complete the purchase.

It’s time to apply the new strategy. Push notifications can bring back your bounced back customers, the chances, of course, are high.

Whenever any customer left the cart not making the conversion, you can send them intriguing web push notifications updates about their unfinished transaction.


Retaining Your Customer More Effectively

Let’s face reality. You need less effort and resources to keep your existing customer than gaining the new ones. Why?

At least 50% of your existing customers want to purchase a different product and spend 31% more money compared to the new customers.  

Once any of your customers make any conversion, they also bring the possibilities to make more. You don’t have any option barring this chances.

Email subscription is not enough. It cannot do the task of engaging your customers simultaneously.

You need to adopt a more definitive and effective marketing channel to carry on the process.

Sending web push notifications is the best trend in 2018.

Always keep a track with your loyal customers, send them strategic updates about new products, or offer them rewards in the shape of commision of gift vouchers, coupon, etc.


Do You Want To Run More Flash Sales?

Flash sales are a selling process that inspires your customer shopping continuously.

If you want to run this strategy regularly, you may get more sell in a small time. But the success depends on how you are going to spread the news.

Modern times need a modern way of reaching your customer. In 2018, you have the opportunity to implement push notifications to continue your flash sales updates among your customers.

Either you want to create hype, or want to share the updates that you are arranging flash sales in your website, eCommerce shop or physical outlets, web push notifications going to help your way out.

Email marketing, social media sharing, all are a great way to announcements. But with web push notifications, you can directly and instantly let your customers know about your offers.

Isn’t that sounds innovative?


You Need To Implement a More Time efficient Customer Engagement Tool

Web push notifications is a great way of improving your customer engagement experience. It will save more of your time, and make a more accessible form of creating the right impression among your customer.

In 2018, customer engagement becomes a more important key to generate trust and conversions fruitfully.

How are you going to make it?

You have an open field to put your marketing knowledge and creativity while sending push notifications.

You can make a scientific plan, follow your customer behavior, and geolocation before tailoring any specific push notification plan.

Let’s take a look at how quickly a push notification can interact with it’s every single portion.

Header: It’s work like a title, you can use a push notification title that is at the same time attractive and helpful.

Message: In this part, write your push updates, elaborate with minimalism. You push notification copy must be provocative. Here, you need to flourish your creativity.

URL: You can put your website URL to let your customer know about it.

Icon: Be more specific with your branding. Your logo delivers an instant familiarity to your users.

Image: At the beginning, you couldn’t be able to use any image. In 2018, web push notifications are compatible with high-resolution photos, that can engage your potential customer more than ever.

CTA: Call To Action aka CTA button allows your user to make an action to your offer or updates.

Are you getting into it? To make a faster user interaction, web push notifications are the last thing you want to apply for your website in 2018.


Do You Want To Increase Your Website’s Readership?

If you have a content-based website, this reason goes more relevant to you. No matter, how great content you are publishing, unless you get them hooked with your readers, all of them lost their goal.

The main objective of a quality content driven website is to engage readers and eventually creating a submissive readership.

To do that, you can’t find a better option than web push notifications. Web push notifications can help you cast your publishing updates with timely manner, provoke them to jump into your content, make an instant action.

It will save your time and effort, increasing your CTR, and help you to create reader automation.

Rather than a manual effort to get your potential readers, you can essay a content marketing strategy implementing web push notifications.

As you save time, then you get more space to produce more impressive content.


You Need To Implement A Powerful Communication Tool

All of the major browsers, Chrome, FireFox, and Safari support web push notifications. And, these 3 web browsers covers almost 73% of internet user around the globe.

What do you need more than web push notification?

Using these browsers, you can establish a robust communication among your users, let them connected with your spontaneous offers and updates.

It’s not like a user opt-in to get notifications, and you cannot control the amount or types of sending push.

You have all the option to tailor your push messages according to every user’s activity and motivation point.

Web push notification can reach to any of your users, send them timely updates following their interest, let them not to forget about you.


Are You Getting Tired Of Collecting Fake Information

According to Marketing Week, at least 3 people out of 10 – intentionally provide you wrong information.

Does it matter?

False information help you to bulk tons of useless leads you don’t know either they are alive or not.

Hell, yes it matters.  

So, whenever you ask your visitors for an email subscription or led them to an opt-in form, chances are high to gather nothing but fake data.

Hopefully, you can change your lead generation strategy with web push notification in 2018.

Push notifications don’t need to use any useful info.

They only need permission to get into their browsers.

So, you don’t have to think much about any customers info to continue your digital marketing campaign.


If You Don’t Have Any Intention or Opportunity To Develop An App

Push notifications have started the journey with a mobile app. Only you could able to send push notifications if your users download your app and install it on their mobile devices.

But the world is changing, so the push notifications in 2018. You can send browser push notifications seamlessly without any app involvement.

Push notifications are now the two kinds, in-app push, and web push. And, developing an application for your service, product or website is indeed need a sound investment.

If you don’t have any intention of developing an app for your website, you can get along with web push notifications.

Have trouble with more significant investment in such factors? You can use the help of the best web push notifications platform like OmniKick at ease.

OmniKick does not only take you a newer level of push notification experience; it will save your time and let you engage more your creativity, and save your money comparatively.

Wrapping Up

That’s all we believe you need to understand.

About what? The very reasons you must implement web push notifications for your site. The sooner, the better, we all know that, right?

Do you have something in mind about this topic? Let us know. We are all ears.

Want to get a more in-depth idea? Read our definitive guide to push notifications for beginners.