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Drive More Traffic With Web Push Notifications – Best Practices

Push notifications can drive your website traffic than any retargeting tool in the market.

People become busy, and they spend much time on their smartphones and web browsers today.

29% of U.S. customers purchased from mobile devices and the revenue from smartphones and tablets retail purchasing in Europe and the U.S. accumulated $67.1 billion in 2015.

Push notifications have the capability of catching them in this way.

They can pop up on your user’s desktop or smartphones display by using popular web browsers like Chrome, FireFox, and Safari.

They carry crunch updates, intrigued your users to do something which is how push notifications increase traffic.

The chances of converting your customers are high with this modern marketing channel.

Want to dive a deeper?

How Push Notifications Drive your Traffic?

If you understand how push notification works, indeed you may gain a trust upon it.

When a customer allows getting notifications, you can send them your product updates, something crunchy and exciting, that they come back to your site.

Without the user permission, it is impossible for your web push notification strategy to go beyond. Only after someone becomes happy to get them, your way must open.

Let’s see some statistics, how web push notification can magnify your traffic.

Push notifications increase user engagement to 80%.

50% of users opt-in to get push messages, and find them helpful.

Compare to email marketing; web push notifications has at least 3-4% higher CTR (Click Through Rate).

The thing push notifications deals, it has the capability of making an immediate impact. It can reaches simultaneously to any devices with web browsers.

We are going to discuss some crucial point on how push notification is so much relevant to increase your web traffic.

Retarget Your Customer with Push Notifications

There are several push notifications practices you can apply to drive your web traffic.

Whenever any of your users left your site, without converting, push notifications is a way to bring them back. How?

Let’s see.

For example, You can send cart abandonment push notifications.

70% of your customers will abandon their carts.

What you do after customers have abandoned their carts is crucial to gaining some of those lost sales.

When you reach customers who abandoned their shopping carts through email, you’ll have to wait for them to check their email messages.

Push notifications let you get in front of customers much faster and more effectively.

When you send a cart abandonment push notification, customers see it immediately if they are online.

If they are offline, they see it once they come back online.

Through the push technology, you can notify customers about the products they left in their carts if they’ll love to complete it.

This is one way of retargeting, push notifications can do it at ease.

When people started coming back to your site, it’s obvious; your traffic will also booming.

Establish Potential Customer Re-engagement by Sending Push Notifications

Once, any of your customers make a conversion and left your site. You lost track of them.

Do you have enough space to wait for the new ones?

That’s not the game today. Digital marketing is busier, more competitive day by day.

You need to track down your every customer traffic all the way.

Keep their information, track all the traffics, that’s what help you to generate leads.

Besides, push notification never violates the GDPR. To know what is GDPR, you can check out our guide on push notifications GDPR compliance.

Web push notifications need user acceptance to get on.

They always bring some updates and offer that provokes your user to get back to your site, make a decision. Isn’t it sound like a traffic enhancer?

You Can Send Scheduled Push Messages

There is a chance your push notifications can evoke disturbance among the customers which may lead down to reduce traffic.

So, you need to send scheduled notifications. It’s not necessary to sending updates all day long, in the middle of the night or when any of your user busy with something more valuable.

So, how can you send scheduled push notifications to retaining your traffic?

With OmniKick, you can do the thing at ease.

OmniKick let you schedule your push strategy following your customer’s time preferences. Anytime you think is probably the best time for your customer.

Sending timely push updates not only increase your traffic, but it is also can boost your conversion rate.

Personalized Push Updates Can Brings You More Traffic

What is a personalized push? And why it is so important thing to send personalized push notification? 

As, this will help you to earn the trust, and most significantly, avoid their annoyance.

We always dislike getting messages what can’t feel relevant to our interests.

It’s a sort of the sub-genre of understanding your customer.

If you understand your customers demand, you can break the bread.

It means you need to examine your customer behavior, and buying intentions.

Within push notifications, you can use some of the most effective personalized tactics.

For example-

Event-based push updates

Promotional notifications

Following Geo-location to trigger customer conversion

Keep The Traffic Coming Along With Web Push

Almost every industry using push notifications to drive their traffic.   

For example, Commerce, B2B, and B2C companies, content publishers, or even bank and tourism organizations flourish more and gaining much traffic with the help of it.

It’s always useful as a connector. Only your enthusiastic customer can get hooked with your website. That means, push notifications traffic to become stable by the help of your potential customers.

You can grow your opt-in rate with it more than ever. You can gain at least 45% of more opt-in if you can harness the power of push notifications.

The chains start from this great marketing tools.

Push notifications always let your customer remember your offers and updates. That always works to keep them coming.


So, what do you thinking right now?

Are you convinced that push notifications are immensely capable of driving your website traffic at ease?

You need to use a powerful push notifications tool like OmniKick.

We believe, only OmniKick let you practice all the opt-in and traffic strategies.

What you need to keep your customers coming, stay with you, and bring back the new ones.