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How To Maximize Your Customer Retention With Web Push Notifications

Can you make a customer converting again and again at ease?

It’s always hard to retain your customer. But after someone make a purchase, you shouldn’t let him go away. You must work on it, how to make him come further to your site.

Success in business always depends on building trust. How are you going to do it? You must focus more on your regular customer, who shows enthusiasm.

You should know that 2.74% millennials switch to other product if the customer service is not engaging.

On the other hand, loyal customers who believe in your service, are 5x more likely to repurchase.

Among the top brands around the world, web push notifications become one of the most popular user retention tools.

How they utilize it and why?

We are going to find out.

Customer Retention – a definition, and Why You Should Focus More on it?

Customer retention depends on how you treat your customer after a conversion made.

Once a purchase is done, you cannot spare the chance to make this happen again from your site. You must initiate the strategy that can bring back your customer.

Almost 60% of people love to tell their friends, and family about a product or website if they like it, and feel loyal to it.

39% of customer spend more on the same product they use twice or more time, rather than a similar but cheap product.

In this sense, customer retention is the key to success. What does it mean?

Over a period, how much you can keep your paying customers going on with your products or services, this rate indicates customer retention.

Returning consumers always carry your success to a new level. They can you help achieve a twice revenue compared to the new customers.  

Low retention rate always indicates that you are not going to long-legged to your potential customer’s intention to buy something further.

It will increase your marketing cost, and in the long run, you can’t be able to make a good reputation without a base of stable customer following.

So, yes, it is crucial for you to use a retention tool like web push notification, that helps you most.

What are Web Push Notifications?

Web push notifications are alert style message updates, pop-up on your customers desktop or smartphones, cast your updates and offer swiftly.

When arriving in smartphones, they show up in the center of the screen.

And, while your customers are browsing in the desktop, they appear on the left or right bottom corner.

Whenever any of your users come to your website, automatically you can offer to send web push notifications.

Only if they allow to get notifications, you can automatically send them your updates, news, discount offers, anything you want. Most crucially, when they are not in your site.   

To send web push, you need to use one of the best push notifications service provider like OmniKick.

At first, if we turn around to a time when Push Notifications only possible with Android and iOS application. As they are still alive, we call them an in-app push.

But the trend is something that always moves forward and evolves, the same goes for the push notifications.

People are tending to buy products online, and more dependent on smartphones, browser push notifications don’t take much time to establish itself as a great user engagement tools.

As in-app push use an application to get through, web push notifications use browsers. You can send them to your customers via top browsers like Chrome, FireFox, and Safari.

Let’s take a look at how this is going to eliminate your hurdles.

How are Web Push Notifications Bringing Back Your Potential Consumers?

Top industries today using web push notifications for several years. Some of them you may find as the early adopters of this fabulous marketing channel.

If you take a more in-depth look, you can find both of the industries use web push notifications are two of types. They are-

i. The business or websites those wants to convert their visitors into customers via web push notifications.

For example, eCommerce shop, online restaurants, and food delivery portals, travel & tourism website.

ii. Blogs, content-driven websites, or newspapers are the second types, those who want to increase their CTR and customer engagement via web push notifications.  

If you don’t have an eCommerce shop or a news portal to increase your readership, even then you can identify yourself. What is your marketing goal? Do you want to engage your potential customer or you want to join them with your website more?

Let’s take a look below if you have an eCommerce shop. We point out some step you can initiate through web push notifications to maximize your customer retention.

Web Push Notifications For eCommerce

When you want to sell your product again to a regular customer, here you need to understand about retention. Bringing them back to your site is retention.

So, how push notifications going to help?

Send product recommendation with web push notifications.

You can announce a new product arrival with this powerful marketing tools.

Arrange flash sales and let your customer know about it frequently.

When a product idem is on shipping, you can send delivery status.
You can ask for product reviews or customer opinion about your service.

It will increase your value among them.

The critical point here, you can utilize web push notifications as a reminder of yourself.

Every time you send one, these notifications add values, something helpful messages or updates that will help them always think positive about your business.

Web push notifications for user engagement goal

You can send your old valuable post that helps your user with web push notifications

Whenever you publish new content, blog post or eBook, why not you send instant updates which may attract your potential users?  

Web push notifications help you to send transactional updates like you can send their subscription updates, and new subscription renewal offers.

Publish breaking news that concerns your readers? Use web push notification to engage them with your breakings.

What makes the difference? You can get all the things done with other marketing channels like an email marketing campaign or an existing one.

The power of push lies on its strength of making an instant impact. According to Adweek, web push notifications get at least twice open rate and better CTR (Click Through Rate) than email marketing.

Do you get the feeling? You must essay your web push notifications strategy with quite a cleverness.

you must help your consumers, besides, don’t spare any chances to lose track of your marketing goals.

How to make your web push notifications plan successful?

What makes web push notifications beyond reach to any other top marketing channels of the past?

You can send push notifications anytime you want, right?

Unless you put a strategic way, your web push updates may annoy people; you may end up losing your regular customer or readership.
Up to 60% of people opt out web push notifications with some product categories and push notifications quality. On the other hand, the ration stands only for 20% of people who don’t like to get push notifications.

Personalized push notification is the key. You should go with the 20% category, where you can achieve 80% of your people to like your push updates.

Let’s see what makes your web push notifications likable, and how they increase your customer retention following some obvious steps.

Thinking About Your Opt-in Strategy

It takes only a second to make a customer opt-in for your push notifications. That is why you need to be more attentive.

For example, some websites only ask to send push notifications. Most of the time, this cannot suffice to evoke them getting into it.

You must let them know and make them interested in it. If you are a Travel & Tourism site owner when asking for sending push, write something about your content you love to send.

Like- ‘Click allow to get latest touring plans and offers.’ It is more intriguing.  

Push Notifications Frequency and Timing

Unless you are running a newspaper, you don’t need to send push notifications on a daily basis.

Even, getting every breaking news updates may cause a disturbance. So, narrate your sending tactics more wisely.

Your goal is to connect your user with something special, and adding value to your customer.

If you can understand it, you always follow a proper frequency plan.

The next thing is timing. Web push notification helps you to utilize geo-location based targeting.

You shouldn’t send information at the middle of the night or early morning of a holiday. How are you going to do that?

Here comes the demand of user segmentation.  

User Segmentation is a Must

Segmented push notifications make your customer feel interested in your updates and offers 8.8% more.

Almost 65% of user like to get segmented updates, which help you to enhance your push notifications open rate.

40% of marketers said that their top priority is customer segmentation.

When you send push notifications to your user, they get them into their desktop and smartphone.

So, when you can address them, give them a feeling you care for them about something, it’s going to strike some more positive note.

People love to get push notifications and open them what they think add value to their interest. Without personalization, how can you send some updates or news that attracts their consideration?

Now, let’s discuss it more clearly. We do not mean you should address your subscribers name to become personal.

Instead, you must analyze your subscriber’s data, activity on your website, and buying preferences.

These all things led you to send personalized push messages.

For example, when someone purchases some best seller fiction from your eCommerce shop a few weeks ago, you cannot just send him to flash sales on sunglasses.

If you send push updates to buy some exciting new books, it becomes more interesting to him.

Sending Attractive and Engaging Push Notifications

Writing push notifications is not so easy.

You must write something, and design your push notifications (yes, it has a lot of limitations yet) what makes it attractive.

You can use emojis. It can increase your CTR by up to 85%.

Also, you must send rich push notifications with relevant and provocative images. It will help you to connect your users more. Because pictures have the immense possibilities to connect someone faster than anything.

And, never forget to use the perfect words that convert.

You can take a deeper look into our post for writing great push notifications copy. It will help you to write absorbing and attractive web push notifications at ease. 


Top brands are adopting web push for better engagement and higher retention.

To get the maximum impact, you must use the best web push notifications tools like OmniKick.

OmniKick let you interact more with your consumers. Increase your user retention which led to a more stable rate of conversion.

We believe now you get the proper idea about this powerful marketing channel.

Have some additional questions in your mind? Let us know in the comment section.