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Web Push Notifications vs. Email Marketing – Find the Best Marketing Channel for Your Business

Digital marketing is going through significant changes.

The marketers are adopting web push notifications as a more creative engagement tool.

A few years ago, email marketing was the best choices for your messages to be heard by customers.

Now, web push notifications offer more open rate, higher chance to opt-in, and conversion.

Though, email marketing campaign remains one of the most effective marketing channels.

When you try to get elaborative with your offers and updates, email marketing suffices.

Do you want to find out which marketing channel help you the most?

Let’s join our discussion.

What is Email Marketing – Strength & Weakness

By 2019, US marketers are projecting to spend $350 million for email marketing.

By 2021, the number of worldwide email users will reach 4.1 billion.

So, why are marketers so enthusiast on this marketing channel?

There are some key factors that made it unputdownable.

Emails can be short and elaborative, both.

When you are writing an email marketing copy, you have enough space to explain yourself.

While sending your marketing pitches to your customer, you need to create something that adds values.

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is a way or form of direct marketing; here electronic mail is being used as a communication channel.

For example, you write a sales pitch with offers and updates. And, send it to your user’s email address.

The requirement here is your customer’s email address.

You need to create an active and relevant email list before executing an email marketing campaign.

Email marketing let you buzz into your potential customer’s inbox.

For example, if someone invited you to get in, you get into their house. More or less happens here, too.

Random emails indeed produce annoyance.

So, you, at first ask your users if they like to get email updates.

Nowadays, only asking for sending email is watery, and considered as a waste.

Hundreds and thousands of company are trying to reach your potential customers every second.

Their inbox becomes full of junk or spam unless you cater your emails to become helpful.

Let’s say, you create an attractive email marketing campaign.  Then, how effective it really will be?

According to DMA, the average ROI (return of investment) of email marketing for $1 spent is $38.

[campaign monitor]

This is huge.

So, yes, email marketing has some potentials that are quietly magnificent.

When you become able to explain your offers through email, it will help you make a healthy conversion.

But, everything is fruitful only when your users will open your mail.

So, not only getting into users inbox isn’t enough.

You need a higher open rate to cope up.

The higher open rate will increase your conversions to a certain degree.

In such cases, web push notifications come with better opportunities.

What Makes Web Push Notifications Different from Email Marketing?

Unlike email marketing, web push notifications don’t need any email address to get through.

When a customer ends up landing in your website, you can ask him to send push notifications via a prompt permission pop-up.

Only when someone allows to get them, you can send him the notifications at ease.

Here is another thing, you need to use specific web push notifications tool to implement this marketing channel.

On the other hand, you can manually send marketing email to your user’s address.

Though, several sophisticated tools can help you to generate an email list. Like, opt-in funnel and drip opt-in.

Also, the open rate of email marketing is 24.79%.

We have mentioned the fact before.

Unless someone opens an email, he never able to get the things you are sending.

With this open rate, the CTR is 4.19% here. Which is pretty good, but not enough.

In the point of view of open rate, web push notification has almost twice Click through rate than email marketing.

What makes it more effective?

When browser push notifications appear, there’s no need to think about any open rate.

The open rate is web push notifications is 100%. 


After the users allowed to get them, you can send strategic push notification using automation.

Web push notifications appear via browser to users desktops and smartphones.

Even it is not necessary to open the browser all the time. The notifications can appear to their devices with offers, news, and updates.

You need to count just the CTR.

Higher CTR depends on how playfully you create your push messages.

That’s another thing you can save for your next steps with web push notifications.

The Similarities between Web Push Notifications and Email Marketing

There are some core similarities lies in both marketing channels. What are they?

Personalization: People love to get personalized messages.

74% of marketers believe that personalization increase customer engagement.

With email marketing, personalized email can generate 6x higher transaction rates.

The amount of open rate takes a hike up to 41% than the average open rate while marketers able to send personalized emails.

On the other hand, web push notification is fully dependent of personalization.

As, this will help you to earn the trust, and most significantly, avoid their annoyance.

We always dislike getting messages what can’t feel relevant to our interests.

It’s a sort of the sub-genre of understanding your customer.

If you understand your customers demand, you can break the bread.

It means you need to examine your customer behavior, and buying intentions.

Within push notifications, you can use some of the most effective personalized tactics.

For example-

  • Event-based push updates
  • Promotional notifications
  • Following Geo-location to trigger customer conversion

Message Copy: You must very careful when essaying email marketing copy.

Only an attractive copy isn’t sufficient. You need to connect your readers.

Be specific about what you want to say.

Clarify your offers. Provoke users intention to click through the links you provide.

Web push also needs evocative copywriting.

Unless you write an effective push copy, you cannot make your users get into your profit list.

To learn more about web push notifications copy, you can take a look into our detailed post here.

Strategic Marketing Campaign: Web push notifications and email marketing both follows strategic marketing campaign.

Without a stiff plan of actions, you cannot get the anticipated success you want to make.

Top Dissimilarities to Your Consideration

Timing: There is no need to follow specific time limits for sending emails.

Emails are not any types of buzzing kind.

You send them; they will take place in the inbox with unread marks.

Though, following the time when the open rate is higher is a wise decision.

Web push notifications strictly follow schedules push strategy.

It’s buzzing kind. Whenever you send one, it will pop-up on the corner, or the middle of the user’s device. Making a little noise.

So, push updates may cause some of your customers annoyance.

No one wants to get push notifications in the middle of the night, or early in the morning, right?

No one wants to get push notifications in the middle of the night, or early in the morning, right?  

Instant Impact: The chances are high to make an instant impression with web push notifications.

When someone gets a push updates, it tells him to do something.

It uses short but helpful copy and vibrant images that make a customer interested.

Email marketing can’t do it.

It takes time. Even, when a customer gets an email, he may not check it sooner.

There are some more dissimilarities. But, let’s stay with the top and crucial ones.

What Makes Web Push Notifications as a Powerful User Engagement Tool?

Web push has more click-through rate.

According to Digital Marketer, the chances of web push notifications open rate is 4-6% higher than the average 3-4% open rate of email marketing.

Hence, there is no necessity to open a push notification. When it arrives, it is always open to express itself.

So, this makes it more powerful to establish strong engagement.

Web push notifications only consider CTR which is higher than email marketing.

Also, web push will help you to retarget your customer. It is something more robust features than email marketing can offer.

When someone buys something and subscribe for an email newsletter from you, you can retarget him with your email campaign.

The steps are, sending emails. Tell him to come back to your site again.

When the customers, open the mail, they will know about your offers.

Web push notifications is a running process — a hand which always try to reach customers.

It follows a friendly manner and impressions of trying to help.

For example, long after purchase, your push updates can help your customer to rethink about you instantly.

Besides, you can let them know about your current offers, cart abandonment notifications to complete the purchase.

Everything is possible with email marketing too. But it will take a longer time.

In the sense of swift communication, web push notifications are the only way to help your day shine.


No one cares about you unless you show them that you care.

This may be not true in your domestic life if we are talking about absurdism.

But you are talking about marketing.

You are thinking about how to grow your business.

Here, the sense of care is everything.

Web push notifications and email marketing, both help you to execute your customer engagement plan.

They let your potential consumers know how much you care for them, how much you want to help them.

So, which tool suites most to achieve your digital marketing goal?