Drip Optin

Built to Increase Your Sales, Email
List & Social Engagement

Drip Optin® System

Convert abandoning engaged targeted visitors into Subscribers & Customers.

Create & publish high converting Drip Optins to convert your visitors into subscribers & customers. It is simple, easy and efficient.

Convert your Visitors Subscriber customers into Social fans

Add multiple social engagement steps in the Drip Optin to ask your visitors, email subscriber & customers to follow and share your content on social media.

  • Build email list faster & smarter
  • Grow your social media fan
  • Boost your social shares & traffic
  • Engage your visitors & customers on email and social media.

Viral Loop

Incentivize sharing to unlock extra coupons and increase traffic & sales

After someone subscribes to your coupon, Viral Loop will ask them to share your content to unlock an additional coupon.

Incentivize Sharing to unlock bonus content and increase traffic & Signups

After someone download your content upgrade, the viral loop will ask them to share your content to unlock extra content.

  • Bring back to redeem extra coupon = boost repeat sales.
  • Social share = Free Traffic & Sales.
  • Lower acquisition cost.
  • Loyal visitors and customers.

Abandon Intent® Targeting

Detect Abandoning Visitors & Show Targeted Offers

Abandon Intent Technology will detect your abandoning visitors at a milliseconds accuracy and display a highly targeted offer you may have.

  • Reduce Cart & Site Abandonment up to 25%.
  • Abandon Intent is less intrusive than time-based targeting.
  • Use Abandon Intent Popups to target any point in the marketing funnel (ie. Conversion for e-commerce cart, conversion for SaaS trial or conversion for micro tools like an e-book).
  • Give a final incentive for the sale with Abandon Intent Popups.
  • Abandon Intent Popups use case is only limited by your imagination and goals!

A/B Split Test Your Drip Optin

Get Higher Conversion Rate by A/B Testing.

Publish multiple version of your Drip Optin with just a few clicks and discover which version is working best. Keep improving your conversion rate with continuous testing.

  • A/B Test Your Offers
  • Test Different Headlines, Sub-Headline & Content.
  • Know Which CTA, Button Color & Sizes Work Better with A/B Testing.
  • Enjoy The Complete Freedom of Testing.

Funnel Sync®

Let All of Your Drip Optins Work Together.

Funnel Sync® allows your Drip Optins to share visitor’s data with them. If a visitor converted as email subscriber with a funnel, all other funnels will know it and won’t show email subscription form again instead, it will show a social engagement form to that visitor next time.

  • With Funnel Sync, treat your visitors like a friend. Don’t annoy them.
  • Make your website visitor’s every visit personalized and engaging.
  • Convert more and drive more traffic.

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